Happy Tails and Happy Travels!

While we all know winter is coming every year, when it does arrive it still seems like a shock!

Many of us will look to take our pets with us on our vacation, but travelling with your pet can be nerve-racking, especially for first timers – but it doesn’t have to be!

Here are a few tips to help ensure everyone has the fun in the sun they are looking for:

Check with your Airline

Be sure to check with your airline regarding what is required for your pet to travel including proper crate, food, water and medical documents. Many airlines will allow smaller pets to be in the cabin with you, but may have special requirements to do so. A good quality carrier that allows your pet to stand up and turn around is a must!

Visit the Vet

A trip to your family vet is a good idea to get any required vaccinations and legal documents that may be required for your pet to travel and be with you at your destination. The check-up will also ensure that your pet is medically healthy and able to make the trip safely.

One Step at a Time

If you are introducing your pet to a new carrier for the trip, set it up at home for a few days before with the door open so your pet can explore and get used to it. Tossing a few treats inside now and then will help your pet to see it as a happy place!

The Big Day

A little exercise is a good idea to burn off some energy before you leave for the airport, especially if you dog tends to have high energy. Give them a light meal a few hours ahead of the flight, but they can have water right up until take off. And don’t forget a potty break at the airport before boarding!

Avoid Surprises!

Be sure to research your destination and any rules or regulations that may be in effect including regulations regarding bringing pets to that jurisdiction, leash laws and any breed specific legislation. Plan ahead and have the address and phone numbers of some nearby veterinary clinics just in case your pet becomes ill or injured. It’s a good idea to have ID tags on your pet’s collar that include your contact information at destination so they can be easily returned should they wander off.

Happy Travels!