From Forgotten to Forever

It was a pretty exciting day for Gertrude yesterday. Why? Read on.

RHS Animals Protection Officers brought her to the safety of the Shelter after being found lashed to a fence and abandoned. No one to care for her. No one to feed her or provide water. It goes without saying that in this situation, she could not even fend for herself if she wanted to – and she most certainly would need to try if no one came to her aid. As if that wasn’t enough, she lives with a congenital abnormality in one of her eyes, that left it very clouded looking and blind. She was in dire need of grooming and looked like she had been through a war zone. We can only guess at what her life may have been like prior to being cast off and forgotten.

But thankfully, that is where her life took a turn for the better. Once at the shelter, she received the warmth and food that she needed and a check with RHS Veterinarians. Happily, she seemed to be in good shape despite her ordeal, and was soon given the go ahead to put her past behind her and be put up for adoption. Still, it was uncertain what affect her unusual look may have.

It is said there is someone for everyone, and staff were thrilled when after only a few days, her saviour walked through our door with a promise of blue skies, happy times and peaceful nights for the rest of her days.

We think this little girl has earned that. Way to go Gertrude!

It’s thanks to our community of support that stories like Gertrude’s have a happily ever after. Generous donations help fund our Animal Protection Services, vet care, shelter stays and so much more. Thank you for your continued support.