Extend a PAW to Help Animals Like Willy


Willy is your typical 11- week-old orange tabby.  He purrs constantly, chases his toys and loves nothing more than to cuddle in someone’s arms.  He’s a sweet, gentle and extremely friendly kitten.  While this may not seem surprising, it is when you consider his condition when he arrived at the RHS in late July.

We don’t know much about Willy’s past other than he came to us with a condition called proptosis, in which an eye starts popping out of its socket.  Some sort of trauma most likely caused his sad condition which had existed long enough that his eye tissue was badly infected and some had died. It is unimaginable how this little guy coped with so much pain for so long.  Sadly, the eye was no longer viable and would need to be surgically removed to relieve his suffering and prevent the spread of bacteria from the infection.

While Willy’s short life prior to coming into RHS care was very scary, we are happy to report that he healed more quickly than anyone expected!  In fact, after only about ten days following his arrival, he was ready to find a new home and was adopted the very first day he was available.

Willy’s happy-ever-after was possible thanks to the support of people like our PAWS (Pre-Authorized Withdrawal System) Plan donors, who make monthly donations to ensure the RHS is ready when vulnerable animals need us most.

You can help more animals like Willy.

When you sign up to be a PAW Plan monthly donor, you provide life-saving care to animals in need and are a vital part of their journey to recovery.  PAWS donors ensure the RHS has a reliable source of funding each month to provide rescue, medical care and adoption to pets who have no-where else to turn.

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Prior to surgery

Post surgery