A Cold Start Leads to a Warm New Beginning 

During a relentless and frigid cold snap in January, Regina Humane Society (RHS) Animal Protection Officers were called to a very sad discovery – a little kitten outside, alone and so cold he was barely clinging to life. The kitten, Luca, was rushed to the RHS and the caring hands of Shelter veterinarians.

When Luca arrived at the Shelter he was carefully wrapped in blankets and held by staff to slowly warm his tiny and fragile body. It was still unknown how badly he was hurt or even if he would survive.

Once warmed, the RHS veterinary team began treating their pint-sized patient for severe frostbite to his paws that caused them to swell to almost twice their regular size. While it was confirmed that amputation of his tail was necessary to remove the damaged and dead tissue caused by the ravaging cold, it was a long wait to determine whether the soft tissue on his little feet would survive, leaving his life hanging in the balance. Having endured so much already, it was no surprise that our little fighter was not about to give up! Daily, he surprised everyone by his progress, greeting his caregivers with loud purrs as they treated his wounds during his recovery in the RHS hospital.

Following a successful surgery to remove a portion of his tail, Luca was off to a loving foster family where he would heal and rest while enjoying lots cuddling too! After several weeks of recovery, we are thrilled that he is now a healed and healthy boy that has been adopted by a new family that will keep him safe, warm and loved always.

This unfortunate tale could have had a much different and tragic outcome. But, thanks to your support, Luca will live a long and happy life with his painful memories fading with each passing day. It is also a stark reminder of the risks faced by cats that do not have shelter during extreme weather. Outdoor cats are in constant danger from other animals, vehicles, weather conditions, toxins, and in some cases, people. It’s very fortunate this kitten’s story has a warm ending, but the heart-breaking reality is that many are not so fortunate.

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