Cass – Found Zipped in a Backpack


Each animal that arrives at the RHS has its own story. When RHS Animal Protection Officers were alerted to a distressed cat in a back alley, the sad story of Cass began to unfold.  When they arrived, Officers did not find a cat but rather a backpack with desperate cries coming from inside.  As they unzipped the bag, two green eyes blinked back at them. The severely dehydrated and malnourished 6-month-old tabby began to purr as they gently lifted him from his tiny prison.  One of his hind legs had been broken and, without treatment, the tiny bones had fused leaving him with a twisted, stiff and useless limb.

Back at the Shelter, Cass devoured his first meal in a long time before moving into the care of the RHS Veterinary Team to begin his long recovery. Sadly, his leg could not be repaired and amputation was the only option to give young Cass the mobility he deserved. Once his surgery was completed, Cass moved to a quiet foster home to regain his strength, heal and look forward to the day he could find a home to call his own.

When he was ready, Cass was placed for adoption at PetSmart Quance, one of the Society’s 6 satellite adoption centres. Cass did not have to wait long to find his special someone and was adopted the same day he arrived.   As he cuddled close to his new dad that night, with a full tummy and a full heart, he had you to thank.  Because of your support of RHS lifesaving programs and services, together we are re-writing the sad stories of thousands of animals like Cass to end with happily-ever-after.

Cass arriving at the Shelter

During surgery










Post recovery

Cass and his new Dad