How a Broken Leg Led to a New Home

It was early October when three month-old Georgia (now Finley) arrived at the Regina Humane Society (RHS) in considerable pain. Thankfully, the Society was there to help when the young dog arrived at the Shelter following an unfortunate accident where her leg was broken. Following x-rays and assessment by RHS veterinarians, her leg was set and she was prescribed restricted movement to help her heal. Cage rest for a puppy so full of get up and go is no small order. However, the volunteers of the RHS Foster Care Program are not ones to shy away from a challenge! With regular check-ups by RHS veterinarians, her new foster family ensured that although her body could not be active, her mind was kept busy and her heart was kept full as she recovered from her injury.

It’s no surprise that this cutie pie captured the heart of her new Mom in the blink of an eye. As you can see from her “going home” photo, Finley, as she was newly named, could hardly contain her enthusiasm at being adopted!

It is only because of your support that Finley was able to be treated, heal and go on to a happy home where she will enjoy many years of running and playing as she was always meant to. We thank you – and we know Finley does too!