Alone and Suffering – RHS Animal Protection Officers Respond to a Heartbreaking Scene

Found abandoned in a cardboard box in a back alley, wee Oscar arrived at the Regina Humane Society (RHS) earlier this month in pretty rough shape. He was in agony suffering from a severe case of sarcoptic mange and a bacterial skin infection which caused him to howl in pain as he tried to scratch his itchy and ravaged skin. He was rushed to Shelter veterinarians who provided relief for their young patient. Fortunately, Oscar responded well to treatment and was able to spend his journey to recovery with a loving foster family.

Your support makes it possible for the RHS to be there for all of the Oscars who have nowhere else to turn. You came through for this pint-sized fellow – through words of encouragement, sharing his story and with donations to help cover the cost of his treatment and care.

And, here is what it is all about…healed and happy, Oscar has been adopted and is now getting to know his new family.

Thank you for caring and being a champion for little souls like Oscar, when they need you most. If you’d like to help support other animals who will find themselves in desperate need of care, please click here.