A Painful Path Leads to a New Start

RHS Animal Protection Officer McNeill was there when Kong needed her most. The young dog was exhausted from running and was suffering from a snout full of porcupine quills when she came to his aid. The frightened pup began to relax as her kind words and gentle touch reassured him that there was nothing to fear.

Following surgery to remove the quills, Kong’s sad mug was replaced by the goofiest slobbery smile as his injuries began to heal. As is often the case, more porcupine quills requiring removal surfaced over the next week extending Kong’s stay at the RHS for a full recovery. During that time, his goofy personality and clown-like antics captured the hearts of everyone he met. Fully healed, Kong was made available for adoption last week and charmed his way into the heart of his new dad too!

Thanks to our generous community, we are able to be there for desperate animals who are alone and scared 24 hours a day. We’re all wishing you a lifetime of safe and happy adventures, Kong!