32 Ways to Give

Help make the 32nd Annual Regina Humane Society Telethon, presented by Access Communications, a huge success!

This year’s Telethon is Sunday, March 15, but you can help now! Start your fundraising activities today. Whether you’re an individual, office, school, or group – you can make a difference in the lives of homeless animals in your community.

Stuck for ideas? We put together a list of 32+ creative ways to fundraise, but the options are endless!

Tune in Sunday, March 15 from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. and watch Access7, or stream the Telethon online, and see how your support has directly helped thousands of animals! The Telethon will feature visits from a few special animals who will come back to say thank you! Plus, success stories, behind the scenes looks at the RHS, information and entertainment!

Each year our Telethon is a success because of you!

Fundraising Ideas for Schools and Corporate Groups
  1. 50/50 raffle
  2. Bake sale
  3. Battle of the bands
  4. Bottle drive
  5. Bowl-a-thon
  6. Candy gram fundraiser
  7. Craft sale
  8. Dunk tank
  9. Garage sale
  10. Jellybean count
  11. Pancake breakfast
  12. Pie someone
  13. Spelling bee
  14. Scavenger hunt
Fundraising Ideas for Schools
  1. Book sale
  2. Coin challenge
  3. Challenge students to cover an entire classroom floor with coins.
  4. Dress like a Disney character or superhero
  5. Family dance
  6. Hat day
  7. Lemonade stand
  8. Movie night
  9. Pyjama day
  10. Parents night out
  11. Read-a-thon
  12. Sports day
  13. Talent show
  14. Winter carnival
Fundraising Ideas for Corporate Groups
  1. Board game tournament: Players pay or fundraise to participate, with a prize of bragging rights and helping a good cause. Bonus, you get to see the Monopoly side of someone!
  2. Bonus vacation day: Sell raffle tickets for $10 and the prize is an extra day off work.
  3. Buy a parking spot: Sell or auction off prime parking spots.
  4. Chili cook-off
  5. Corporate donation matching day or month
  6. Donate your spare change or coffee cash
  7. Dress down day
  8. Gift card raffle: Have restaurants/businesses donate gift cards and raffle them off.
  9. Guess the baby: Ask everyone in the team to send you a baby photo of them and pin the photos up in your main meeting room. Charge a small fee for entry and ask your colleagues to guess who’s who on a sheet of answer paper. The person with the most correct guesses wins a prize.
  10. Hot chocolate and/or coffee sale
  11. Jailbreak: Lock the boss in the boardroom with only their mobile phone and the promise that they can come out once they’ve raised their donation target from their contacts.
  12. Pack a lunch challenge: Pack a lunch and donate the money you would have spent eating out.
  13. Potluck days: Have each department host a potluck for the entire staff. Staff pay the hosts for their meal.
  14. Silent auction
  15. Steak night
  16. Swear jar: Set up a swear jar in the office and any time somebody curses, they need to make a donation. If you’re not an office full of potty-mouths, you could set up a buzzword jar instead. Colleagues would need to pay up when they use some of the well-known buzzwords in your corporation.
  17. Take your pets to work