Let Wildlife Stay Wild!

Each spring, the Regina Humane Society receives many calls about “orphaned” wildlife or birds. While all have good intentions, disturbing the animals would likely do more harm than good.

Little Duck

If you encounter baby wildlife, please keep the following in mind:

  • If a young bird has fallen out of the nest, you may return it to the nest if it is immediate danger, but it is best to leave it alone. The mother will not reject the baby because you have touched it and babies usually fall out of the nest as a natural part of learning to fly;
  • If you find a young hare with no obvious injuries, leave it alone or put it back where it was found because the mother is likely nearby and will return once you leave. She will not reject it because you touched it;
  • Most young wild animals do very poorly in captivity. The best chance for their survival is to be reunited with their mother;
  • It is especially important to avoid contact with young raccoons and skunks because they can be carriers of rabies and parasites;
  • It is against the law to keep a wild animal.

We also receive calls regarding geese and other birds nesting in unusual places such as parking lots, fields or alleys. Unless the bird is injured, it is best to leave it be. While the location of the nest may seem unusual to us, they have chosen it based on their natural instincts and will very likely be just fine if left alone. If you are concerned about a young wild animal and an adult animal has not been seen for several days or the animal is injured, contact your local conservation officer, Salthaven West, or the Wascana Centre Authority (306-522-3661) if within the park, for assistance (please note that the RHS is not equipped to handle wildlife).

There is almost never a good reason to remove a young wild animal from its natural environment.

Partner Profile – Metro Pet Market

Metro Pet Market is passionate about animals and their welfare. As a proud Regina Humane Society partner, they provide us with approximately 1,000 ounces of premium high-moisture Lotus Natural Pet Food each month to serve the cats in our communal rooms.

Since 2007, Metro Pet Market has been leading the Real Food Revolution in Regina. They believe that nutrition is the foundation of good health, and sell only the freshest and most wholesome pet foods in their stores.

Many commercial foods contain filler ingredients and by-products which may not promote optimal health for our furry family members. Metro Pet Market offers a variety of natural and biologically-appropriate food for pets, including Lotus Natural Pet Foods’ unique line of holistic canned stews. We’re grateful they are here to help ensure that our Shelter cats receive quality nutrition.

To learn more about Metro Pet Market and what they can offer your furry friend, click here.

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Metro Pet Market

The Tale of Her Tail


It was just a few days after New Year’s Day when Extravaganza arrived at the Regina Humane Society (RHS) from an area in northeast Regina. While this two-year-old Husky cross looked a little thin and ragged, Shelter staff members were more concerned with her tail, which had suffered a severe injury. After examination by RHS veterinarians, the decision was made that about half of her tail would need to be amputated to ensure her long-term health.

Following her successful surgery, Extravaganza spent some time with one of our dedicated foster families while she healed and got accustomed to life without all of her once beautiful tail. But as she recovered, she realized that life would go on, and she was just as gorgeous as she ever was. Her cheery personality and good nature helped her over-come her, shall we say, “short-comings”.

Once healed, Extravaganza traveled back to the Shelter and quickly became a staff favourite as she waited to find her new family. As the days passed, staff and volunteers ensured that she didn’t miss her walks and time in the play yard, as well as ample chin rubs and encouragement that she would go home soon.

Happily that day arrived in late February, when that one special someone walked through the door in search of a life-long friend. That friend turned out to be Extravaganza.

When the time came to leave, this special pup couldn’t leave without stopping to say “thanks” to some of our staff who had gathered to see her off.

We will never know what happened to Extravaganza before she arrived at the RHS and what lead to her injury, but we are grateful for your support so that the Society could be there when she needed it. Now, with ear to ear smiles, she is off with her new dad in search of new adventures and journeys in the sunshine.