Construction Sponsors




When Kitchen Craft learned that the RHS was needing to replace the storage cupboards and counter tops in the cat rooms at the Shelter, they eagerly stepped forward to help. They donated all the materials and labour to install the new cabinetry and as a result our cats rooms are now brighter and healthy thanks to the improved surfaces.

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Keeping the RHS’ aging Shelter in working condition is an ongoing challenge. Older materials tend to deteriorate faster with our strict cleaning protocols and our dog kennel dogs were no exception. The paint on the doors was badly chipped and several were rusting. With the cost to powder coat each door far above what the RHS could spend, we sought out a partner who may be able to assist and Brandt did just that. Over the series of a few weeks, Brandt re-painted and repaired all of the dog kennel doors at no cost. This in-kind donation is valued at over $20,000. Without Brandt’s tremendous support, this project would not have been possible. We thank them for helping us to keep our Shelter looking its best and our dogs safe while they await their new families.




When the Regina Humane Society was in need of a concrete pad and walkway in the structure that houses our Mobile Spay Neuter Clinic, Hardcor Construction, Ardel Steel and U-Cart Concrete all stepped forward to help.

Through the donation of over $10,000 worth of labour and materials, these generous companies helped ensure that our donated funds continue to be invested directly in animal and veterinary care. We thank them for their commitment, thoughtfulness and willingness to help make our Shelter a safer place for both our staff and the animals we serve.