How to Sponsor an Adoption & FAQ’s

The dream of every animal that comes through the doors of the Regina Humane Society is a lasting and loving home. Launched in 2011, the Sponsored Adoption Program has quickly proven to be one of the best methods to increase adoptions and lifesaving efforts at the Shelter.

How can I sponsor the adoption of a specific animal?
There are three easy ways you can sponsor the adoption of an animal at the Regina Humane Society:
•    In Person:  Visit us anytime during our business hours at our Shelter located on Armour Road
•    Over the Phone:  Call us at 543-6363 during regular business hours
•    Online:  Click here to submit our online sponsorship form

Can I sponsor an animal through your website or the online donation form?
Should you wish to sponsor an animal online, please use this form.  We ask that you don’t use our online donation form as it does not provide an area for you to enter specific information we need and we don’t want to accidently miss your sponsorship and count it as a donation only.

What is the cost to sponsor an animal?
Sponsors pay the actual adoption fee for the chosen animal. The current prices are:

•    Adult Cat:  $150.00
•    Featured Cat:  $99.00
•    Adult Dog:  $220.00
•    Featured Dog:  $99.00
•    Rabbit, Hamster or Gerbil:  $10.00
•    Bird:  Varies – Please call for pricing

How will I know what the cost of my sponsorship will be?
If the animal is younger than six months of age, the kitten or puppy fee would apply.  All other animals will be adult price unless there is a “Special Fee” symbol on their online profile. In those cases the featured price fee would apply. In all cases, we will be in touch with you to confirm the price before the sponsorship is completed.

Will I receive a charitable tax receipt for sponsoring an animal?
Yes, all animal sponsorships qualify for a charitable tax receipt. We normally issue receipts once per year but if you’d like an immediate receipt just let us know.

Am I able to remain anonymous or sponsor an animal in someone else’s name?
Yes, should you prefer to remain anonymous we will simply state that the sponsorship is made on behalf of an anonymous donor. You also have the option of sponsoring an animal in memory or in celebration of someone. Should you wish, we will also send a card to the next of kin or individual letting them know about your kind gesture. Many people also choose to sponsor an animal in memory of a beloved pet.

Please note that charitable tax receipts cannot be gifted per Canada Revenue Guidelines. We are required to issue a receipt to the person who is paying for the sponsorship.

What will happen once I sponsor an animal?
Once your payment is received, we update the animal’s kennel card and online profile to show they have been sponsored. We also place a “My Adoption is Free Banner” on the animal’s picture and place a sign next to their kennel. If the animal is featured on our social media pages, we update those as well.

How will I know once my sponsored animal is adopted?
Once your animal is adopted we will send you a card along with a photo of the animal letting you know they have found a home.

Does sponsoring an animal actually help get them adopted?
Absolutely! For many animals that are at a disadvantage because of age, breed, size or colour (black animals in particular have a harder time finding an adoptive home), a sponsorship can help them out greatly.

Why don’t you just give your animals away for free?
The adoption fee at the RHS offsets the costs for a number of critical services including sterilization, vaccinations, tattoo, microchip and care received while at the Shelter. By paying for the adoption fee, you’ll feel great knowing that your support is immediately being put to work to find a homeless dog or cat a quality home while also allowing us to continue our needed work.

How do you ensure the sponsored animal is going to a good home if they are free?
All adopters are carefully screened and the process is identical whether an animal is sponsored or not.

Is there a chance my sponsored animal could be euthanized?
Yes but it is a rare occurrence which would be the result of a serious health or temperament issue.  Should this happen, we will be in touch with you to explain the situation and offer you the opportunity to transfer your sponsorship to another homeless pet or to receive a refund.

If I surrender an animal to the Regina Humane Society, can I sponsor its adoption?
Unfortunately not but you may sponsor the adoption of another homeless animal or make a general donation to the Adoption Fund.

Can I make a donation to the Adoption Fund?
Absolutely! You may donate to the Adoption Fund in person at the Shelter, over the phone, via our donation form located here or by sending us a cheque to:  Box 3143, Regina, SK  S4P 3G7.

What is the money in the Adoption Fund used for?
Money raised through the Adoption Fund helps offset the costs of offering reduced fee adoptions during our adoption events or is used to sponsor specific animals who are having a harder time finding a home.