Reporting Animal Cruelty

If you witness an act of animal cruelty or animals being deprived of adequate food, water, shelter or care, please call Regina Humane Society Animal Protection Services during regular office hours 7 days a week from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. at (306) 777-7700. For after-hours emergencies involving companion animals, please contact Regina City Police at (306) 777-6500 who will assess your call for transfer to an on-call Animal Protection Officer.   

Regina Humane Society Animal Protection Officers are bound by strict confidentiality policies, meaning they cannot discuss the status of complaints, ongoing investigations or the results of inspections. Please note that complainants, owners and other members of the public are not bound by the same rules, so information that is publicly available about a situation may be not be accurate.

Be assured that all animal cruelty complaints reported to the Society are thoroughly investigated. Officers will never leave an animal in distress. Education and continued attendance to ensure compliance is often the sole means by which Animal Protection Officers can improve on-going animal welfare concerns. 

Saskatchewan’s animal cruelty laws require strengthening primarily with regard to standards of basic care for companion animals including recognition of psychological harm. While the Animal Protection Act of Saskatchewan was traditionally created for livestock, today, the majority of complaints regarding animal cruelty involve companion animals, specifically dogs and cats. The authority of Animal Protection Officers to enforce care or remove animals is limited by lacking legislative regulations for companion animals under Saskatchewan’s antiquated Animal Protection Act.

If you would like to join us in seeking stronger Animal Protection laws, contact your MLA as well as Saskatchewan’s Agriculture Minister and ask them to make improved animal welfare legislation a priority.