Locate Owner Tips

Locating the Owner
1. Check to see if the animal has any form of identification – city license, tattoo, rabies tag, personalized identification tag, or microchip which can be used to locate the owner through the Regina Humane Society Lost and Found Department.
2. Contact the Regina Humane Society Lost and Found Department to report the found pet.
3. Create a Found Profile and check Lost Profiles for the pet you have found at the following:

4. Post notices in the area where the animal was found with a description or photo and information about how you can be contacted.
5. Ask neighbours, the mail carrier or children playing in the area if they recognize the cat or dog you have found, or if they know of a household that recently lost a pet.
6. If someone claims to be the animal’s owner, insist on identification and proof of ownership before releasing him.

If you end up reuniting a lost pet with its family, we want to congratulate you on a job well done! You not only helped make a family very happy, you also helped prevent needless suffering, potential injury (or worse) or homelessness, and you have prevented one more pet from ending up in an animal shelter or rescue group.

If you are unable to successfully reunite lost pets with their owner, stray pets can be relinquished to the Regina Humane Society located approximately 3 km north of the City of Regina on Armour Road. Armour Road can be accessed from Highway 6 (Albert Street) or Pasqua Street. If transportation is not possible, please contact RHS Animal Protection Services at 306-543-6363 to arrange for pick-up.