I found Bella at the Regina Humane Society in 2008. She was three years old and had already been surrendered twice. Our bond was instant. Within 2 days she knew her name . I didn’t have a lonely day for 9 years because my little blonde shadow was always by my side. I’m lost without her, but I will honor her memory and our bond by adopting again. Love you always Bella, until I see you again by the Rainbow Bridge.


On February 16, 2017, our family said goodbye to Biscuit, our dear friend of more than 13 years. Biscuit was adopted from the Regina Humane Society and came to live in his forever home as a young puppy in 2003. We instantly fell in love with his good-natured personality and his handsome face. As a Husky/German Shepherd cross, Biscuit had one blue eye, one brown eye, and one floppy, lopsided ear that refused to stand at attention like the other. Biscuit was known by a number of nicknames over the years: Bisky, The Bisk Man, and Mr. Moo and he was eager to answer to all of them!

It’s safe to say that Biscuit never would have made a living as a guard dog. He was always more of a lover than a fighter. He was excited to meet everyone. Old friends or new friends, two legs or four legs, they would be greeted the same way: with a whole body tail wag, a wet nose, a slobbery tongue, and a lowered head just begging to be scratched and patted.

One of Biscuit’s favourite pastimes was being in the great outdoors with his family members – at a campground, on a nature trail or just strolling through the park behind the T.C. Douglas Building. When age finally caught up to him in his final year and he could no longer go on long walks, Biscuit still found contentment laying on the back lawn, smelling the grass and soaking up the sunshine with his people nearby. Mr. Bisk, you were a fine gentleman and a treasured family member. We will miss you always and remember a dog’s life well lived.