About Us

A man walking along a beach was overwhelmed by the sight of hundreds of stranded starfish. More surprised by the sight of a little boy tossing the starfish back into the water one by one, he asked, “Why do you bother when you can’t save them all? What difference does a few make?” Holding out the starfish in his hand he replied, “It makes a difference to this one.”

For over four decades the Regina Humane Society has made a difference, one-by-one, for animals in our community. Hungry animals rescued from the cold have full tummies and a warm place to sleep. Others who have been neglected or abused have found a place to be safe, to trust and to be loved. Fluffy blankets, toys and treats for pets whose owners can no longer care for them make a kennel seem like a home.

The Society was incorporated in 1964 as a non-profit organization. The current Shelter is located on Armour Road, off Highway #6 on the northern edge of the city. It has space for over 300 animals, a voluntary Board of Directors, 46 staff and over 800 active volunteers. The Society has, throughout the years, worked to improve the welfare of animals through programs and services in sheltering, education, protection and advocacy. Without those who support our mission to improve the well-being of animals in our community, we could not continue the valuable services we provide. The Regina Humane Society:

  • cares for homeless and neglected cats, dogs and other domestic animals
  • finds responsible and caring forever families for pets who are homeless
  • reunites lost animals with their owners
  • inspects care and keeping of animals kept for sale, hire or exhibition in pet stores, circuses, or rodeos
  • investigates and lays charges in response to complaints of animal cruelty and neglect
  • provides a 24 hour emergency service 365 days of the year
  • provides a central registry for all tattoos administered at Regina and area veterinary clinics
  • visits residents isolated in hospitals and nursing homes with homeless Shelter pets
  • provides cremation services for a beloved pet
  • enforces city animal by-laws to protect people and animals in our community
  • provides education programs and resources to teach responsible pet ownership and concern for animal welfare
  • answers thousands of questions about animal care and animal welfare issues
  • advocates for accessible spay/neuter programs and progressive laws concerning animal welfare
  • coordinates hundreds of active volunteers to implement our many programs and services
  • relies on public donations to provide its services to animals and people in our community
  • continues to work in your community to be “The Voice of the Animals”

Your Support

Our vision for the future is ambitious but can be achieved – working in partnership to transform our community into the most humane in Canada. It is only through the continued support of those who share our vision for the future that we will be able to reach this goal.