Social Distancing with a Pet

As our community works together to slow the spread of COVID-19, social distancing is a crucial action we can all take to help. However, social distancing is a dramatic shift for most of us and does not come without challenges. It can be lonely for both humans and pets, so it’s important to continue doing things each day that evoke joy. We’ve compiled a list of ideas to help keep you and your pet entertained.

Stay Active
Going outside for a walk is a great way to practice social distancing while giving you and your pet fresh air and exercise. As the days get longer and warmer, walking can be a helpful way to appreciate the day. Do however avoid group walks and always be sure to practice a safe social distancing when passing by others.

If you are in self quarantine due to travel, illness or possible exposure to COVID-19 – please do not walk outside. Be sure to follow the regulations and directives of government and medical professionals.

Spring Cleaning? Use Trash to Make Treasures
Lots of household items can be turned into toys for our beloved pets. This will keep you busy and bring your friend new excitement. Maybe you have some old towels lying around that could gain new life as rope toys. Or a sock without a match that could be turned into a catnip knot. The internet is full of ideas for home made toys, just always be sure to supervise.

Brush Up on Skills
Now is the perfect time to work on tricks and training. Practicing skills and manners with your pet is an ideal way to help them burn energy while strengthening the bond you share. Maybe there’s a new trick you’ve always wanted your pet to learn, now’s the time! At the end of the day, you’ll feel great about what you were able to accomplish as a team!

Play a Game
There’s lots of awesome ways to keep your pet busy. Try hiding treats throughout the house and letting your pet use their nose to find them. Or maybe you have a puzzle toy that’s been collecting dust – if not, no problem! There are lots of ways to get your pet thinking using items you already have around the house. Try hiding treats under cups and getting your pet to select which one has the hidden treat. Or use a muffin tin and place treats under tennis balls or pairs of socks and let them move the objects to find the treats.

Know How Much You Mean to Your Pet     
For many of us, these are uncertain and stressful times, but for our pets this is what dreams are made of. Many people are working from home, staying in during evenings and weekends, and shopping online, which all amounts to more time with our beloved pets. Know how important you are to your pet and how much happiness you are bringing them by being with them. Enjoy the snuggles and companionship and try to relax.