RHS Animal Protection Services Rescues 26 Canines from Deplorable Conditions


On the evening of May 15, 2024, Regina Humane Society (RHS) Animal Protection Services was alerted by a concerned member of the public about multiple canines living in unsuitable conditions. Upon investigation, in conjunction with the Regina Police Service, RHS Animal Protection Officers found 17 adult dogs and 9 puppies living in crowded housing and covered in dirt, urine, and feces. A team of officers worked through the night to remove and transport the animals to the Animal Community Centre where they were each examined by RHS veterinary staff.

The dogs were of various mixed breeds and appeared to have been living in unsanitary conditions for an extended time due to the large build-up of excrement that was present. Many of the dogs were displaying signs of extreme fear and mental or physical injury. Unfortunately, humane euthanasia was necessary for 10 of the dogs.

The dogs were cleaned and groomed to relieve them of fur mats, and feces that clung to their coat, and debris was removed from ears, nose, and eye areas.

RHS staff named each one after a gemstone, highlighting how precious they are. The dogs spent time with staff and volunteers in offices, classrooms, and outdoors to help them get used to their new world. Treats, toys and romps in the grass were met with apprehension. But soon, tails started to wag, and happy smiles emerged as they were lavished with love and attention. Some took several weeks to understand safety and kindness to the point where they could be adopted. Happily, most have found new lives and homes, with just a few still waiting for their special someone to arrive.

The horror they endured now fades as a distant memory thanks to your support of the RHS. We cannot thank you enough for being there for them.

Variscite still awaits his special someone.