Spay Neuter Program

Please note that the Regina Humane Society has implemented precautionary measures to protect our staff, visitors and animals in care during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Applications are still being accepted and surgeries will be done as appointments become available.  Please note that wait times may be longer than usual.  For further information, please contact our Spay/Neuter Clinic at 306-543-6363  Ext 233.

Due to the current Saskatchewan Public Health Order, we ask all persons entering the RHS to wear a non-medical face mask or covering.  For those unable to wear a mask or who wish not to, we will offer alternative service options. 

Subsidized pet spay and neuter surgeries will be offered to financially disadvantaged households as well as animal rescue organizations in Regina through a partnership with the City of Regina in support of the Spay/Neuter Program. The program is an expansion of the pre-existing Cat Spay Program which made a significant impact on the number of cats entering the Society since its inception in May of 2008.

  • To qualify for the Spay/Neuter Program, participants must be a resident of the City of Regina, be 18 years of age or older, be the owner or keeper of the pet being spayed or neutered and be able to offer proof of being eligible for social assistance or of falling into specified family income or charitable animal rescue categories.
  • The sterilization surgery and related medical/identification procedures are fully subsidized for pet owners who qualify under the following levels. This means there is no cost with the exception of a City of Regina Pet License which must be purchased at the time of sterilization. Cat licenses are $20 and dog licenses are $25.
# in Household Yearly Income
1 $20,550
2 $25,582
3 $31,450
4 $38,185
5 $43,307
6 $48,845
7 $54,381
  • The sterilization surgery and related medical/identification procedures are partially subsidized for those who qualify under the following levels. Any applicant that qualifies will pay a total of $60 for the service. This includes taxes. A City of Regina Pet License must be purchased separately at the time of sterilization. Cat licenses are $20 and dog licenses are $25.
# in Household Yearly Income
1 $28,770
2 $35,815
3 $44,030
4 $53,459
5 $60,630
6 $68,383
7 $76,133
  • Those interested in the program must complete a program application and be approved as qualifying for the program prior to scheduling spay/neuter surgery.
  • The Regina Humane Society will assist owners with completing the application, scheduling surgery for their pets and making transportation arrangements if required.  It will perform a preliminary health screen of eligible pets and provide pet owners with information regarding pre-surgery and post-surgery care. Each pet sterilized under the program will also be provided with a microchip for identification.
  • The goal of the clinic is to reach a segment of the population that never has seen a veterinarian for pet care prior to their visit to the RHS Mobile Spay and Neuter Clinic.
  • Other jurisdictions have successfully implemented targeted low-income spay and neuter programs. This approach is a proven, humane and cost effective method to reduce the need for animal control and impoundment services and the devastating loss of animal lives.
  • Those interested in applying for spay or neuter surgery for their pets, may do so by contacting (306) 543-6363 or visiting the Shelter on Armour Road. You may also click here to download and print a PDF application form.