PAWS Donation Form

From: $5.00 / month


Making a monthly donation in support of homeless animals at the Regina Humane Society is the best way to donate and show you care all year round!

When you join the PAW Plan you are donating in the most cost efficent manner possible since we do not have to pay for printing or postage to ask you for your donation. By giving on a monthly basis, you also allow the RHS to create sustainable plans for animal care, education and rescue.

In return for your monthly support, you will receive:

  • The knowledge that you are helping homeless animals each and every day throughout the year;
  • Membership in the RHS;
  • Our annual RHS Calendar (each fall);
  • Exclusive updates and success stories; and
  • Official receipt for income tax purposes.

To join the program please fill out the form below or call us at (306) 543-6363, ext. 240.

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