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Animal Id: # 85754 Type: Cat
Breed: Manx Sex: Female
Age: 2 Years 10 Months 0 Weeks (approx) Colour: Black/brown Tabby
Weight: 5 kg
  • No Dogs No Dogs
  • No Children under 12 No Children under 12
  • Fully Sponsored! Fully Sponsored

COME VISIT ME AT PETSMART AURORA!I’M A PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR-I’m working undercover to keep an eye on you and your household. You may not even know you’re under surveillance. I can vanish into thin air if anyone or anything interferes with my investigation. If you need a cat who knows how to stay out of trouble and always keep your secrets, I just might take your case.My adoption is FREE and has been sponsored thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor!

The adoption fee for a pet adopted from the Society includes spay/neuter surgery, tattoo, micro-chip, vaccinations and a post-adoption veterinary examination at a local clinic.

The post-adoption veterinary exam includes only the examination. Any additional vet treatments, vaccinations or tests completed during the exam will be at the adopter’s expense.