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Animal Id: # 85528 Type: Kitten
Breed: Domestic Short Hair Sex: Male
Age: 0 Years 4 Months 0 Weeks (approx) Colour: Buff Tabby
Weight: 2 kg

    COME VISIT ME I AM AT PATS PETS!!I’M A KITTEN – I’m quite the inquisitive, playful kitten. I may keep you on your toes, but that’s only because I’m full of energy and curiosity. With special love and patience, I’ll grow up to be your faithful feline and love you forever!

    The adoption fee for a pet adopted from the Society includes spay/neuter surgery, tattoo, micro-chip, vaccinations and a post-adoption veterinary examination at a local clinic.

    The post-adoption veterinary exam includes only the examination. Any additional vet treatments, vaccinations or tests completed during the exam will be at the adopter’s expense.