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Animal Id: # 91031 Type: Puppy
Breed: Shepherd Sex: Male
Age: 0 Years 3 Months 2 Weeks (approx) Colour: Red
Weight: 6.2 kg

Hiya, I’m Dobby! I’m just a puppy, full of curiosity and energy. I’m quite the comedian, my antics will have you laughing all day. I’m very playful, always up for a game of fetch or tug-of-war. I even know a couple of tricks – I can sit and twirl on command! Though I’m a bit mouthy, it’s all in good fun. I’m still learning, you see. I need a bit of training to be the best dog I can be. But I promise, with your guidance, I’ll be the most loyal, fun-loving companion you could ever ask for. Adopt me, let’s start our adventure together!I was featured on CTV Morning Live!

The adoption fee for a pet adopted from the Society includes spay/neuter surgery, tattoo, micro-chip, vaccinations and a post-adoption veterinary examination at a local clinic.

The post-adoption veterinary exam includes only the examination. Any additional vet treatments, vaccinations or tests completed during the exam will be at the adopter’s expense.