November – A Great Time to Adopt a Senior Pet

Every month at the RHS is exciting, but November, being Adopt a Senior Pet Month is especially so! Senior shelter pets are just as in need of a home as their younger counter-parts. Many have known the warmth and comfort of a family home, but suddenly, through no fault of their own, they are alone.  Whether a change in the family situation or simply becoming separated from home and lost, these more mature pets can be among the most affected when they are no longer part of a family. Sadly, these pets are often over-looked as being too old or because they have lost their kitten or puppy charm.

But, these older pets can make the best pets when given a chance. There are many reasons to adopt a senior pet, but here are just a few that may just help you to decide that one of these special souls is just perfect for you…

They are fully matured:  Younger pets are still in the process of learning, growing and developing. With an older pet, you can be more certain of the demeanour, personality and temperament.

They tend to be calmer:  Many older pets have passed the puppy or kitten stage and are much more content to be by your side on a walk, on the couch or simply taking a nap while you carry on with your day. This is why many do well in homes with younger children or first-time pet owners. 

They have manners:  Because many older pets have lived in a home before, they have a good idea of household rules and basic etiquette. They will likely already be house trained and more experienced socially towards humans and other animals.

The commitment is shorter: Many families area simply not able to commit the 15 years or so that are generally required when adopting a kitten or puppy. But, these families can still experience the joy and caring that a shelter pet brings to a home by adopting an older pet.

Ready to find your special new family member? You can see all of our pets on our website here. We promise that they would love to meet you!