Can’t Adopt? Maybe Fostering is for You!

Last year, more than 400 animals were cared for in the RHS Foster Care Program.

These homeless animals were unable to be made available for adoption because they were too young, orphaned, ill or injured. Foster care families provided these animals with the extra special love and care they needed to be able grow and heal in order to find their forever families.

The RHS has an amazing group of Foster Care volunteers. It’s because of them that these animals are now healthy pets with families of their own enjoying long and happy lives.

Spring is coming and with it will be a new influx of orphaned, abandoned and injured animals that will arrive at the Shelter. Our small group of foster families needs more team members! Fostering is an extremely rewarding experience and literally saves lives. Many families become fosters because the time commitment is relatively short compared to the long-term commitment of adopting an animal. They still get to enjoy the rewards of having an animal in their home, but for shorter periods of time. Others simply want to help and open their hearts and homes to animals when they need it most.

Should you decide to become a foster, the RHS will provide all of the training, support and supplies needed. All you supply is your time, caring and love. There are many different components to the program, but the area of greatest need remains those families willing to care for young litters or orphaned kittens and puppies. Fostering can last from a few days to several weeks, however, fosters have complete control on whether they accept an animal for foster based on the requirements of any given animal(s) and the time the foster home has available.

To apply for the Foster Care Program or for more information on how you can help save lives, click here or call the Volunteer Coordinator at (306) 543-6363 ext. 232.