Pet S.T.O.P.

Pet S.T.O.P. Every summer the Regina Humane Society offers a fun, interactive, and educational program in partnership with the North Central Community Association and the City of Regina PlayEscapes called Pet S.T.O.P. (Pet Supply, Training, and Outreach Program). This program allows youth to participate in a variety of hands-on activities that emphasize caring and kindness for people, animals, and nature. Children that participate in Pet S.T.O.P. will learn that pets depend on people to care for them and that being responsible includes taking care of those who depend on us. With help from four-legged visitors from the Shelter, everyone will learn about proper pet care, how to meet pets safely, and what to do if they meet a stray animal.

For more information about Pet S.T.O.P., contact our Education Coordinator at: (306) 543-6363 ext. 224 or email