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Animal Id: # 60256 Type: Bird
Breed: Budgie Sex: Male
Age: 0 Years 0 Months 0 Weeks Colour: Green / Grey
Weight: kg
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The Budgie, also known as a Parakeet, is a great beginner bird. They have a pleasant disposition and are relatively easy to care for. Budgies can live from 7-10 years and grow up to about 7 long. The scientific name for a budgie means melodious parrot. Budgies are very social and love to be held and have lots of human interaction. They need human attention for at least 30 minutes per day. Smart and easily trained, Budgies can be taught basic commands to ensure easier handling. They are very friendly and playful, which makes them a popular companion bird. They have a very limited speaking ability but have been known to learn to speak. Budgies need toys and attention to keep them occupied. Their diet should consist of a pellet-seed blend and vegetables a few times a week. A budgie would be a great addition to any family!