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Animal Id: # 59139 Type: Rodent
Breed: Gerbil Sex: Female
Age: 0 Years 0 Months 0 Weeks Colour: White
Weight: kg
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Gerbils are a small rodent, and are similar to a hamster. They have a lifespan of about 3 years. They are curious and not easily startled, so theyre great for busy, active households.They grow to about 4″ (10 cm) body, plus an equal length tail. Gerbils are nocturnal, which are most likely to be active at night. Gerbils are gentle and very social and enjoy the companionship of other Gerbils (house only same gender pairs together). Your Gerbil needs a home with a solid floor, large enough for a food dish,water bottle and a hiding area.Gerbils are very active and require daily exercise. They should have access to an exercise wheel, a hide house, chew toys and nesting material. Remember Gerbils are nocturnal and may use the exercise wheel after your bedtime. Your Gerbils front teeth never stop growing, so your pet needs lots of healthy things to chew on like treat sticks and chews. Chew toys should be available at all times.Gerbils will shred material and make sleep areas. Paper or cotton fabrics are acceptable. Gerbils love to hide and burrow, so provide lots of clean bedding.Gerbils are herbivores and the largest portion of the diet should be rodent block or pellets. Seeds, fruits and vegetables should only be an additive or treat, not their primary food. Food should always be placed in a bowl and not directly on the bedding to avoid accidental ingestion of the bedding. A mineral wheel should be provided in the habitat.Gerbils are easy to care for, friendly animals and would make a great pet!