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Animal Id: # 58930 Type: Guinea Pig
Breed: Abyssinian Sex: Male
Age: 0 Years 0 Months 0 Weeks Colour: Brown / Tan
Weight: 1.14 kg
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These rodent-like animals are also called cavies. Guinea pigs are very shy by nature. They are active in the daytime and occasionally at night. Guinea pigs are very vocal and this vocalization plays an important part in socialization with other pigs and humans. Guinea pigs love company. Their social nature, temperament and low maintenance make them excellent pets .Guinea pigs are ideal pets for responsible children. Guinea pigs love to be petted and will squeak and grunt with pleasure when they are gently handled. They will pine away and their health will suffer if they are not handled or kept with others of their kind or if they are ignored by their human owners. With good care and proper diet, guinea pigs should live 5-7 years. A few will reach 8 years of age. Guinea pigs are very uncomfortable with people and other pets hovering over them. Provide them with containers or objects that they can get into and out of sight. Guinea pigs need a daily source of vitamin C or ascorbic acid. All guinea pig pellets are fortified with vitamin C. Guinea pigs also will eat timothy hay, kale, spinach, collard and turnip greens. They need safe wooden or bone objects in their cage on which to wear their teeth down or the teeth will overgrow, making them ill. Guinea pigs are relatively clean, easy to care for animals and make great pets!!