Pet Licenses

One in three pets go missing in their life time. A City of Regina Pet License can help make sure your best friend gets home faster. They enable Animal Protection Officers to return your missing pet to you as soon as possible and show strangers your lost pet is not a stray and needs to be returned to its family.

In the City of Regina, all cats and dogs must have a license. The penalty for not licensing your cat or dog is $250.00.

Dogs must wear their license tags at all times. Cats that have a microchip or legible tattoo do not need to wear their license tags. Cats must wear their license tags if they have no form of permanent identification, or if they have tattoos that are no longer legible.

How to obtain / renew your Pet License:

Register or renew your Pet License at the Regina Humane Society, any Regina veterinary clinic or see the City of Regina’s website for more information. The City of Regina mails renewal forms out every November to any owner who purchased a license in the previous licensing year. If you have moved within the licensing year, please ensure you contact the City of Regina to update your personal information so the renewal notice can be mailed to the correct location. If it’s your first year registering your pet, you will be required to fill out a License Permit. If your pet is sterilized, you must also provide proof of sterilization. If proof is not obtained, you will be charged the fee for an unaltered pet.

The cost of a one-year license:
  • for puppies (up to six months old) and altered dogs – $25.00
  • for unaltered dogs – $100.00.
  • altered cats – $20.00
  • unaltered kittens (up to six months old) – $20.00
  • unaltered cats – $100.00

Pet licenses are valid for one year with renewals due in December.

Replacement tags:

When you license your pet, you are issued a permanent tag. If the tag is lost, you will need to purchase a replacement tag. To do so, please contact any City of Regina Veterinary Clinic, the Regina Humane Society or The City of Regina. The cost of a replacement tag is $5.00.

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Make it legal and make sure your pet gets home.